1 Spaghetti Roots: Preparing for Future Giants

For all the grasses that are growing in our environment, bamboo grass isn't like a grass. We even mistakenly call it Bamboo Tree because like any other tree, bamboo alone can already build a shelter. But now, let me show you how this spaghetti-liked structures perform its role in nature, specifically for bamboos. These structures are actually a root of the bamboo grass.

As we all know, bamboo grasses are as high as a skyscraper and towers. They extend as high as hundred of feet up to the sky. And with this quality, bamboo tree really needs a strong foundation to keep itself standing amidst the wind.

Aside from being flexible, bamboo grasses can not withstand the forces of nature by flexibility alone. They also need a very strong foundation. Now this is the role of this spaghetti-liked roots which appear in bundle when a new bamboo shoot appears. Because this bamboo shoot will turn to become a future giant, as early as its eruption, a plenty bundle of strands of roots are already crawling their way to the ground to prepare for a long-term role in the future.

Now this bamboo shoot will surely become safe and secure for its future. Thanks for these spaghetti roots that has anticipated the demand in the near future.

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0 A Millipede Finds Home on a Gastropod's Shell

It is not common to see a cat and a dog together, as well as a cat and a rat together. In a very rare scenario in the world of the wildlife, I discovered a gastropod stuck in a thin stem of a growing ipil-ipil tree with a millipede that has found its place of comfort and security in the latter's shell.

In nature, we can see that there are actually countless possibilities that is happening. In an ecosystem, every creature shares a helping hand with each other but others are selfish predators. Like in our society, there are selfless organizations that lend a helping hand but there are also powerful people as powerful as lion in the jungle that keeps getting all the resources of the community for personal benefits.

In a very unusual encounter, this millipede has found comfort and safety with this mollusk or gastropod. In ecology, this relationship is called commensalism, a scenario in ecosystem where in an organism benefits from another organism but that other organism is not benefited nor harmed. It remains neutral.

I was in great awe to see how exciting the nature is to be discovered and explored. But among all, I will stand in awe to God for this very wonderful scenarios in nature wherein creatures that may be unknown to us render a helping hand to different components and organisms in nature.

With this natural encounters that I am having, I am learning a lot. And in that very simple thing that I saw means a lot to me because this world can be a better place if there is unity, trust and sharing. That is the story of this gastropod and the little millipede.

As I am exploring this ecosystem, I discovered another gastropod trying to climb. And this gastropod's purpose is to climb for safety. The situation this day is rainy because of typhoon Falcon so this mollusk needs to transfer to a higher or an elevated place so that it won't get flushed away by an anticipated flood. Another lesson is learned. So, even though we might have the power to be fast [since this mollusk is very slow], if there is patience, we will succeed. That is slowly, but surely. I am sure, this mollusk will be safe and secure like what the first mollusk has done.

Thanks for reading and this is my adventure beyond nature.

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0 Orange-Spotted Butterfly Welcomes this Blog

My idea of doing this kind of blog has been in my mind long before. But I am more to be a travel blogger. I have always been wanting to do this but I have nothing to post. Thanks to this butterfly that entered our house. In the midst of the rain [because as of this writing, typhoon Falcon is hitting the northern Philippines], this butterfly may need a shelter and it has found our home.

I supposed to drive it away. I was able to drop it using my hand on the ground. But, it just stayed on the red floor; still, quiet and so alone. Immediately, I took my compact camera to capture it. That was a golden opportunity to capture it since it was staying still. So, that is the start of this blog called Nature Adventurer..

It stayed on the floor for a long while, maybe it was pretending as if it was dead so that I am gonna leave it alone then fly away after I left. Well, that is a common defense mechanisms for creatures facing an imminent danger.

I am always hesitant to start this blog because I am thinking that like any other blogs that has taken all the usernames that I should be using, are now just a trash, left, no longer updated, dilapidated and abandoned. For example the subdomain "Nature Explorer" and "Advenature" are my top picks for this blog but unfortunately have been used. The disappointing thing is that, the owner is no longer updating it. So that is also my predicament that I might not be able to create a post that will be related to my topic. So in the long run, this blog will just become a trash like what happened to other blogs.

So thanks for this butterfly that probably has given me the signal to start this ambitious blog of featuring the nature and its components, its wild creatures and strange plants. Oh no... I need to burn my eyebrows for this. I really need to maintain this. Hehe.

To start with, let this orange-spotted butterfly welcome you as it was really enchanting and friendly. Truly, a masterpiece of nature. This butterfly is absolutely great. 

P.S. I won't tell you to watch out for my new post because it might take too long before it will be posted. So if you are with faith in me that I will be successful for this, then, just follow this blog and a big thank you for that!

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